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Kris Gethin Gyms now in the north india

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Kris Gethin Gyms now in the north india

Noida 26 November : After the grand success of two clubs in Hyderabad, Telangana, Kris Gethin Gyms has announced their first ever fitness club in Mohali, Punjab.  This was announced by the cofounders of this world class international gym chain Mr. Kris Gethin and Mr. Jag Chima, at an Expo in Noida.

“With the vision of transforming Nation to a very fit and healthy lifestyle in next two years, Kris Gehin Gyms will have its presence though out India very soon”, Mr. Kris Gethin told while asked about their future plans.  Mr. Jag Chima, Co-founder, on the same question explained that KGG will have its presence in each corner of the country within the coming time.  Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Surat, Bhuvaneshwar are next cities to have this world class facility services, he added further.

 KGG has its presence through soft launch in India, since March 2016 and it has been a very popular and innovative gym chain functioning in India.  In a span of just six months of operations in Hyderabad, KGG has more than 1300 members utilizing their services.

 Considering the way the operations are going on, it is evident that this is not ‘just another gym’ and will surely keep up with their tag line which goes as “Time to Transform”


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