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The brand name itself speaks volumes. To maintain that name is a big and much more tough task. The way it shows now, does say that there is a great team involved and lot  of hard work . Stay tuned ! good going. My personal favorite – PRAKASH SIR –honest hard working and focused ensure that he is showing results in his clients. ...


One of the best gyms I have ever been best ambience, best equipments, best trainers .Everything about this gym Kris Gethin is best & Amazing . Working out in Kris Gethin Gyms is more than fun because trainers come up with new workouts and gym has  the best music which makes my working out more fun. ...

Dr. Riya

I and my husband were looking around the city for a gym to get back on track with our fitness schedule and that’s when we were drawn to Kris Gethin Gyms. We have already known about Kris Gethin’s popularity but when we first saw the Gym, we knew this was the place we wanted to work out in everyday.  The staff ( especially Sriram ) & the maintenance, all are very welcoming and you feel like spending time at the gym. The out door area is also excellent & just right for some change in training. All the equipment is more than sufficient for a complete workout & is very well maintained. Love working out at this gym even more because of the support from all the trainers. Thanks guys! Keep up the great work! ...

Dr. Kirthi

Joining KRIS GETHIN GYMS is the best decision I’ve made regarding the selection of fitness center. I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast but somehow found it difficult to be regular. But since the time I’ve joined Gethin’s I feel some positivity which makes me want to be here! The positive environment is created by the awesome staff special mention about the TRANSFORMERS! Never ever did I find trainers with such knowledge. They are indeed a great asset to the gym .SRIRAM is a great asset to the gym as well. I strongly believe its his hard work and dedication which keeps things to run smooth. The keen interest shown by the CEO SATISH PARYADA in continuous education of the  transformers is highly appreciable .Leading by example is the best way to go. My best wishes with GETHINS to achieve further success! Cheers! ...

Dr. Uday